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  • “Lisa is such a great person and she is so committed to her health and fitness and a pleasure to work with.” On the “REEDiculously Fit in 7 Minutes DVD“: “Great dvd! fun and challenging!! Perfect combination!”
    Monica Seles
  • “Lisa! As I gear up to head to my Baby Doc appointment on Monday, I am excited and thrilled because I FEEL AMAZING. Thank you soooooo much for helping me in this journey. It is such a different pregnancy than last time. I feel in control, healthy and even beautiful! I appreciate your hard work, dedication and the constant support you supply! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!” “…..I fell in love with Lisa Reed Fitness. When it comes to prenatal fitness, Lisa knows her stuff and her bubbly spirit is infectious. I loved that she held me accountable because let me tell you, when you get to the end of the pregnancy…NO you don’t want to work out, but I kept on pushing and I am glad I did. ….I stayed on track with my weight gain and had more endurance throughout the entire pregnancy.”
    Danni Starr
  • “Lisa, I owe you a PHAT thank you! As of today, I have lost 100 pounds, and I know I could have never done it without you. When we started on April 12th, I had no idea I could have done this. Not that long ago I would be out of breath walking up the stairs from my basement, and now I can run 8 miles. You have taught me what it is to live a healthy lifestyle. I will never be able to let you know how grateful I am for your knowledge, encouragement, passion, and most importantly, your friendship."
    Jason, Colfax
  • “I feel like Lisa has been training me for all my recent major life events! I started training with Lisa 4.5 years ago in preparation for my wedding. Through that three month preparation, she completely changed the way I approach working out and nutrition. Lifting heavy was good! No, I wouldn’t get bulky! I never felt or looked better on my wedding day. At that point I was sucked into Lisa Reed Fitness. Ha! I joined up with the Alexandria boot camp ladies and getting up at 4:30am twice a week not only became normal, but I started to look forward to it! Fast forward 3 years and Lisa was literally the first person I told when I was pregnant. I had to make sure I could keep going to bootcamp! She worked with me through my entire pregnancy to keep me fit and focus on the areas that would really help me when the big day came. With her help I was able to keep doing bootcamp until I was 8 months pregnant and working out until the day before I went into labor... Read More
    Jessica, Arlington

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