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Discover All of Lisa’s Favorites from building a home gym, nutrition, fashion and more! Discover Lisa’s favorites to stay fit, healthy and happy! From building a home gym, choosing the right protein to staying sun savvy! Enjoy! Any questions or for a home, gym or travel workout, Contact Lisa today! With a small investment up front, you can have all tools necessary to have a great work out without going to the gym. In the long run, you will actually SAVE money from not having a gym membership! LRF recommends the following equipment to get you started with your home gym:

Duca del cosma golf shoes Lisa Reed Fitness Endorses

Primal Kitchen

Primal Kitchen has one simple mission: to change the way the world eats. Our lives and our overall wellness are defined by the thousands of choices we make for ourselves and for our families every day, and choosing real food. Shop and eat the way Lisa does!

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GolfForever Swing Trainer

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Duca del cosma golf shoes Lisa Reed Fitness Endorses

Duca del cosma

From the world’s finest golf courses to your own city streets, Duca del cosma’s exclusive golf shoe collection combines functional golf sport elements with Italian fashion.

“The correct shoe for your golf game is just as important as having the right workout sneaker to move more efficiently and get results-

—and Duca del cosma embodies that perfectly designed golf shoe. After a survey of every golf shoe on the market, I’ve found Duca del cosma to be the very best, hands down. Not only are they elegant and distinctive, but they provide stability and functionality for my stance and swing! They also combine waterproofing with moisture-escape wicking, which allows me to play through Florida’s heat and rainy season.  Italian craftsmanship, the finest materials, and design are on display with every style; allowing me to take my beloved golf fashion to the next level. This brand is truly on the forefront of stylish performance golf shoes! Look good and play good with Duca del cosma!!! -Lisa

Duca del cosma golf shoes Lisa Reed Fitness Endorses



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Duca del cosma golf shoes Lisa Reed Fitness Endorses


Vitamins are a part of your health insurance plan! Discover Advocare, Lisa’s multinutrient vitamin for over a decade!

Taking a multivitamin acts as an insurance policy and is huge for health & wellness, encourages great skin tone and skin elasticity, and provides added energy! And since nearly 60% lack a nutrient rich nutrition plan and should be supplementing with a vitamin. Lisa supplements with Advocare’s most comprehensive multinutrient dietary supplement system that focuses on energy, wellness and appetite control. Lisa’s other favorite supplement that supports connective tissue and joint health to help maintain a fit and active lifestyle is Advocare’s Amino Acid and Collagen Supplement!

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