The Sprout House sells tons of certified organic non-GMO seeds for sprouting every year. They have a full line of seeds and seed mixes to fit everyone's taste. It is also a resource on how to sprout and how to grow microgreens too!

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VPOD is wireless and connects easily to our free VPOD app (available for Apple and Android devices).

This unit has 24 unique modes with 20 intensity settings for pain management for back, neck, arms, legs, abs, and muscle rehabilitation and recovery.

"Love my VPod!!!! This tens/muscle stimulation unit is super easy to use with their app and various ways to heal and recover your muscles! It is an incredible recovery tool as well as warm-up, and activation tool! It will assist your muscles recover and heal in every day life, in addition to your workouts. It also helps healing from an injury or muscle tightness!
One amazing tool that I need to stay REEDiculouslyFit! Thank you VPod!!!!”
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