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It gives me great pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for you. Wren Cooper and I showed up at the National Cathedral school (NCS) gym–both of us over the age of 75–totally out of shape, but willing to put ourselves in your capable hands. She had been retired for ten years; I was about to retire, but both of us were happy to use the NCS facilities as one of the perquisites of former faculty.

Wren and I were particularly delighted to see the individual care you lavished on us both. Our programs were somewhat different because of previous injuries; however, we were able to work side by side, which was enjoyable, and to encourage one another.

At all times you kept an eye on what we were doing and set a pace which was appropriate to our physical abilities. Your lively sense of humor and good-natured banter was a plus in a situation which could have been monotonous. By the time you left NCS my blood pressure had fallen to 124/68 and my combined cholesterol number was 190. Not bad for an old lady! Both of us are indeed grateful for all your patient attention to us and wish you well in all of your future endeavors.