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My name is Monica Seles and I used to play professional tennis and reached the top of my sport. Through the game of tennis is how I met Lisa. I have known her for almost 20 years.  I can’t speak highly enough of Lisa and to be transparent she has not asked me to write this letter but I offered as I think is an awesome person, best trainer ever, very confidential and one of the hardest working person I know.

Lisa’s proven training method’s won me many tennis titles in my career but also the tools she thought me have stayed with me in my workouts, nutrition which to me is just as valuable as all my titles. Her positive attitude has helped me tremendously as they were days when I wasn’t the most motivated person showing up for workouts but her positive energy changed my attitude.  One thing that I always admired about Lisa is that she leads by example. She is a great team member and all my fellow team members really enjoyed working with her and the environment she created. I`m so happy that Lisa has moved to gorgeous Southwest Florida as a Floridian myself.