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I suppose I’m like many others, whether they are in my age group (70’s) or not, who gradually let go of their shape and energy, thinking that “some day” they will get started on a program. My “someday” came when my daughter, Amy, put me together with Lisa Reed, who was helping her to achieve her own fitness goals. From my first day with Lisa, I knew that I was in for a real challenge, but her optimism, her positive attitude and her “Yays!!!” kept me going way past what I thought I could do.

Training with Lisa three days per week, combined with a commitment to working on my nutrition, has helped me lose about 30 pounds, and I’ve found that my strength and energy are increasing daily. I train with a terrific group of gals, and with Lisa we laugh and work and get stronger every day. I know that the years ahead will be so much more vital than I could’ve imagined, and for that I thank Lisa, with all my heart. And, I guess Amy is right….it’s time to chuck those baggy pants and find something a little more flattering. Yay!!!!