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I met with Lisa Reed in the spring of 2017. I was referred to her by a good friend. I was out of shape and overweight. I explained to Lisa that I wanted to get back in shape gradually. And that my preference was to work with someone who was a good listener and who knew when I had reached my limits during a workout. I needed whole body conditioning including cardio.

Lisa assigned an experienced female trainer to work with me. She and the trainer devised a workout plan that has gotten me in the best shape I have been in since college. The trainer provides excellent physical training, and just as important she is an excellent listener who has been an absolute pleasure to work with. It’s a credit Lisa that she has such highly qualified trainers.

Since 2017 I have lost 25 pounds of fat and have built muscle mass in all areas of my body. I feel great and my confidence in my appearance is high. Lisa has been available to advise both me and my trainer on my routine. She has an impressive resume, is highly respected in the the fitness world, and is a great person with tremendous energy. Lisa is always positive and eager to see her clients improve their physical fitness. I highly recommend Lisa to anyone who wants to get in shape and stay that way.