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I have trained with Lisa for seven years, but she has worked as a personal trainer (owner operator!) for over 10 years. She has a full roster of clients in Virginia, Maryland and DC—from personal one-on-one sessions several times a week to drop-in boot camps for groups of friends.

So, I have heard it said before that some trainers “aren’t there to be your friend!”–meaning, they exist to make you work hard. Lisa takes the opposite approach. She is keenly interested in the ‘whole person’ with each of her clients, and certainly becomes your friend, cheerleader, your therapist (physical and sometimes emotional!), nutritionist, and your sounding board. — All while making you work extremely hard and getting real results for the most healthful you.

The physical aspects of her workouts focus on proper form and understanding what muscles you are working, why, and where you should “feel it.” She systematically works out upper body, legs, and abs in a deliberate order, with tailoring for each client, seamlessly weaving in cardio and strength. Her post-work-out stretching is the BEST.